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Top Tips for Choosing a Supplier

Updated: Feb 9, 2023

Planning a wedding is daunting, finding a supplier is stressful, and choosing the right one is invaluable. Here are my tips for choosing the right supplier!

Shop Around

It's going to sound super obvious, but sometimes the most simple answers are the best ones. Make sure you shop around. When I say shop around, you're not looking at the different prices to see who's the cheapest, look deeper. Look at their 'About Me' section, watch their videos, read their blogs, look at their reviews. Are you getting a vibe from their website that just looks a little... off? Look at the weddings they post on their website, are they similar to yours? That brings me to my next point.

Previous Weddings

One of the most telling indications that a supplier is right for you are the weddings they usually do. If your wedding is in a farmyard barn, look for posts on their site for weddings in farmyard barns! Their past weddings show you the kind of weddings they want to work on and the kind of weddings they enjoy. Remember, finding a supplier who you are right for is just as important as one that will be good for you. Some suppliers have a 'we'll take all weddings' mentality, which is absolutely fine. You've gotta pay the bills! But ask them the kind of weddings they specialise in, and what their ideal wedding to work on would be. This probably will make suppliers sweat but if they describe your wedding, you're onto a winner.

Ask Questions

I'll probably need to do a separate blog on the best questions to ask your suppliers, before and after booking, but for now, I'll try and condense it. Asking questions is so important when enquiring, suppliers love it and it engages conversation with them. You want to find out if they are a perfect fit for you, so first think about what the most important thing to you is. If you're enquiring to a wedding videographer, and you know that you want to capture the speeches then you can ask something like 'what's your audio set-up?'. Videographers love talking about gear! You can also ask 'what's your style?', or 'what's your background' / 'how long have you been doing this for?'.

Questions are a great way of getting suppliers to open up but also a great way of opening up yourself. If you're stuck on what to say besides 'Are you free?' and 'What are your prices?' then thinking about what is important to you and then enquiring about that specifically is a great way to start a great relationship with your supplier.


Probably the most powerful search tool is recommendations, if you Google 'wedding florist London', it brings up a ton of florists who look and sound great. But it's hard to know what is good. If you have booked any suppliers yet, ask them for recommendations. Suppliers work well with suppliers they like, check out the venue's favourite florists. Usually, they compliment the venue's aesthetic and colour scheme. It's another thing to ask in an enquiry, do you know any good [insert supplier]? Ask this to a videographer or photographer because they recommend people they like to work with, that are good for your wedding and good for them. When you book people with good synergy, your wedding runs smoothly, looks great and then your final video benefits from this!

Looking for a videographer?

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