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The best wedding venue in North Italy

Updated: Feb 9, 2023

That is a bold statement, and I don't say it lightly. Actually, it's quite easy for me to say, seeing as it was where I got married!

image courtesy of Manisol Wedding

We fell in love with L'Ultimo Mulino as soon as we saw it. We knew it was the one, our dream wedding venue here in Italy. Located north of Venice in Pordenone, L'Ultimo Mulino was our first choice, but it wasn't the first one we saw.

It's not easy to choose a venue, is it easy to reach for our guests (some of whom were flying from the UK, right in the middle of Covid no less), what about the distance from the bride prep, do they have enough rooms? The perfect venue for you depends entirely on these factors and more. But one piece of advice: go with your gut instinct.

image courtesy of Manisol Wedding

Make sure you choose the right spot for your ceremony unless you're getting married in a church. We opted for a symbolic ceremony in the garden with the official one nearby in Porcia the next day. Having your wedding this way frees you up to customise, we had our best friends performing the wedding, with several readings and personal vows. Make sure the venue you choose allows these.

Italians know how to party! One piece of advice: go with a live band. It doesn't have to cost the earth but it will be so worth it.

Our band did an unforgettable rendition of Queen's 'Don't Stop me Now' to close off the night, it's fair to say that nobody wanted the night to end.

Chances are if you're getting married in Italy, you'll want to make the most out of the sunny weather!

Prioritise a place with a beautiful outside dining option you can also use for dancing into the night. But also take into account plan B, rain (yes it does rain in Italy sometimes). Don't forget to ask what the indoor option looks like.

image courtesy of Manisol Wedding

If you want to check out L'Ultimo Mulino for your wedding you can do so on their website

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