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Book a content creator for your wedding!

Because who rotates their phone nowadays anyway? It's time to join the vertical revolution, shooting with our cameras held sideways and our phones upright, a content creator package is perfect for those wanted to post their films on TikTok or Instagram.

There's a reason why vertical video completely and utterly outperforms any other size ratio when viewing on social media, the psychology behind full-screen videos is amazing but simply, it just looks better! You don't have those ugly black squares top and bottom, and what's more, everything is framed perfectly.

Little tip from a professional: have you ever tried to take a photo and the subject's head/legs are weirdly stretched like they're being sucked into a black hole? That's because the camera slightly widens the edges, so the best way is to shoot horizontally but frame the subject in the centre so that you can crop and reframe - it looks much better!!

As a videographer who grew up shooting films the conventional cinematic horizontal way, shooting vertically is an exciting and fun new way to create media that's easily shareable and watchable!

Get in touch to find out about a content creator package!

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